Project Based Learning

When it comes to inspiring children to be creative, you need something that can pique their curiosity in all the right ways.

Learn How You can Articulate and Implement a Curriculum That Will Inspire

The best way to make children positively curious and eager to learn and impart knowledge is to transform the classroom – bringing the outside world to it.

We can help provide you with the structure to empower your staff to implement effective Project Based Learning (PBL). Utilizing the Buck Institute for Education (BIE) Gold Standard model, during this session, your staff will dive into PBL in invigorating, stimulating and engaging ways. During this 3 day, 21 hour session, staff will learn to design and execute robust objectives, while imparting 21st Century skills that produce and spark learning. Covers OCFS topics 1, 2, 3 & 5.

The total time of the training is 3 days and 21 hours, where participants will discover and learn to design and execute robust objectives, and impart streamlined skill that produce and spark learning.

The training covers topics 1, 2, 3 and 5 in the OCFS.

Project Based Learning

The Core Objectives of the Workshop is to Teach Your Staff How To:

  • Enable children to focus on the curriculum while maintaining wonderment and curiosity to engage and execute.
  • Develop learning projects and objectives to help children to build skills.
  • Create a precision-based PBL curriculum with all the vital elements.
  • Design methodologies and styles that will focus on supporting the Project Based Learning strategy.

What is Project Based Learning

PBL is a comprehensive student led approach that supports inquiry-based learning through student engagement. There are a number of strategies that make up PBL – some of which include going out on monthly or bi-monthly field trips, instructional methodologies such as articles and hands-on tasks and activities and other materials to help enhance children’s interest, boosting their curiosity.

The Advantages of Training Staff in Project Based Learning

When your staff have adequate and precise training with all the correct resources, your participants will gradually become more curious, explorative, build interest in experimentation and problem solving, and take on creative tasks as challenges they must overcome.

Attaining Success through Learning and Doing

Children are always eager to share their accomplishments in the form of completed projects and presentations to a wider audience. Examples of such presentations include events like science fairs, talent shows, independent performances and other occasional events – this helps kids to grow more confident in their developmental journey.

Moreover, big and small “wins” become a powerful driving force for children that can serve as teachable moments, serve as incentives for the future build confidence and grow self-esteem.

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