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About Sonia M Toledo

Sonia M. Toledo founded Dignity of Children, Inc. in 2008 with the vision of creating programs that will support families holistically. She has over 25 years of experience working in the after-school field building quality programming for students in elementary through high school during their off time. Sonia has worked for Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA, Children’s Aid Society, Child Care Inc., and served as the President of the After School Works NY.

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What We Do

We are a teaching organization that aims to inspire and excite change in children and young adults. We train After-School teachers to give children the tools and skills to become the powerful, creative and emotionally healthy members of society they are meant to be.
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How we do it

Learning happens most effectively when learners are engaged, motivated, and self-directed. Dignity of Children teaches how to facilitate self-directed learning in all of its trainings.

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Our Ideal Client

Our ideal client is a passionate leader who is committed to offering the best Early Childhood and/or After-School environment for the clients/customers they serve.

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We value every staff member in organizations for their individual and team collaboration to find new ways of serving children and together transforming communities, one adult & one family at a time.

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Our Programs


The Director’s Lab: Jump Start! Edition Virtual Series..

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Development with Dignity

Development with Dignity™ is a series of 11..

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Project Based Learning

Designed to teach your staff how to develop Project..

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NYS School-Age Credential

This program offer individuals the opportunity..

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Child Safety Ambassadors Project

This is a Trainer-the-Trainer strategy to establish..

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Leadership and Management

This 2-part series training allows After-School Directors

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S.T.O.R.M Program

Implement social emotional learning in your classroom

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Our Team



DJ ROUZEAU Executive Support Representative

Olando Lunnon Educational Facilitator

Client Testimonials

This training has allowed me to become a better program director, a better employee, and a change agent within this world.

Kimberley Jackson-Brown, Site Director

This training helped me in identifying my qualities of leadership and how to incorporate more analytical and controlling skills.

Madeline Esquivel, Center Director

The trainer was very informative and allowed self reflection. I thought it was a great opportunity to reflect on what type of leader I am.

Melissa Lopez, ASPIRA of New York, Inc. PROGRAM DIRECTOR (COMPASS @ P.S./M.S. 31)

It is a nice experience and interesting. One needs to refresh one's minds every once in a while, keeping up with the times of new pressure.

Aida Martinez, ASPIRA of New York, Inc. PROGRAM DIRECTOR (COMPASS @ P.S 25)

These trainings are inspiring; Ready to return to my site and implement immediately!

Maya Doyle, MMCC DIRECTOR (Evander Campus Beacon)

I felt the trainer was well-informed and very knowledgeable. Simply a great workshop necessary for all leaders.

Treston Lambert, "I Have A Dream" Foundation DIRECTOR

The trainer was knowledgeable on the topic. This training... very refreshing and amazing!

Rafael M Santana, Borough of Manhattan Community College PROFESSOR

All is good. I so recommend this course! The instructors are very helpful and knowledgeable.


The most information in the smallest amount time lasts forever! It was fun, exciting, and helpful.

Andrey Chichagov, Phipps Neighborhoods PROGRAM DIRECTOR

I came to this training with a mentality of what else I need to learn I have a program to run but now I’m like wow! I’m glad I’m here! I need to be here!

Maria Panora, Children’s Aid NYC

This training was very resourceful. The slogan "so what, now what" all these issues now what we going to do about it. Spot on and provided me with adequate information to bring back to my site so I can implement immediately into my program.

Latoya Nelson, Queens Community House DIRECTOR

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