Our Founder

Sonia M. Toledo founded Dignity of Children, Inc. in 2008 with the vision of creating programs that would support families holistically. She is a PhD candidate with more than 25 years of experience working in the after-school field, building quality programming for students in elementary through high school during out of school time. Sonia has worked for Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA, Children’s Aid Society, Child Care Inc., and has served as the President of After School Works NY.

When Sonia founded Dignity of Children, Inc., she decided that the best approach for child and youth development was to educate adults in order to help them create environments for children that would make them feel emotionally safe while allowing them to develop their self-worth. Over the years Dignity of Children, Inc., a certified MWBE, has served child care programs across New York City & State leaving each client satisfied and ready to return for more of Sonia’s exceptional child and youth development trainings.

Our Vision

"Imagine a world where children and youth are safe
and have the freedom of self-expression,
so they can thrive!
Creating such a world is our mission."

What We Do

We are a teaching organization that aims to inspire and excite change in children and young adults. We train After-School teachers to give children the tools and skills to become the powerful, creative, and emotionally healthy members of society they are meant to be. It is our conviction that all children have a right to be loved, nurtured, and valued, as well as a right to a proper education. Children must be acknowledged for their unique developmental needs, their inner-strengths, and their resilience. To evoke what is best in our children, we must first recognize these attributes in ourselves, and concurrently our roles and responsibilities in nurturing and guiding our children.

Our Ideal Client

Our ideal client is a passionate leader who is committed to offering the best Early Childhood and/or After-School environment for the clients/customers they serve. Our client understands the importance of continuous development for their staff, thereby, complying with all the New York City/State training regulations.

Team Work

We value every staff member in organizations for their individual and team collaboration to find new ways of serving children and together transforming communities, one adult & one family at a time.