NYS School Age Credential

The NYS School-Age Care Credential Preparatory Course is a 6-month program designed to support youth development professionals in obtaining the New York State School-Age Care (SAC) Credential. New classes for this course begin on November 1st 2019, January 30th, 2020 and March 27th, 2021

The program caters to youth development professionals. Whether you are a Supervisor responsible for multiple sites, a Director running program out of a school/ community center or a small business owner serving your community, the Credential Preparatory Course will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to operate effective programs and meet the educational requirements to serve as an After-School Director per the NYS OCFS Part 414 regulations.

Designed for the busy professional, our 6-month accelerated model uses a blended learning approach that is delivered both in-person and online. The in-person sessions consist of 60 hours of training in New York City delivered over the course of 8 weeks.  The Online portion consists of 6 virtual sessions that span 2 hours in length once a month.  Our hands-on approach includes intensive one to one coaching and support by experienced veterans in the field.


1. Portfolio Development

With 2-hour video conferences each month, and comprehensive personal support, this program offers users full-on assistance in their independent study: enabling them to develop their portfolio and prepare for their Endorsement visit from the New York State Network for Youth Success.

2. Advisor and Site Visits

Following 50% successful completion of the course, we provide you with an advisor at no additional cost. The advisor will then work intensively to support you as you prepare for your Endorser Visit.

3. Strengthen Your Knowledge Regarding the Core Competencies

With training based in the New York State School-Age Care Competency Standards, you can immediately apply what you've learned to your job.

4. Learn from the Best

Throughout the course of your time with us, you will learn from experienced specialists while also receiving regular support and feedback from veterans in the field.

5. Get a Professional Credential

Participants who have obtained their School Age Care Credential are recognized throughout the state of New York for providing high quality programming and services to children and families through the adherence to specific standards, training and evaluation.

Dignity of Children is amazing. They are an amazing support system. This great experience changed the way I see my job performance. Their training and coaching sessions with Sonia and her team was awesome. That was the best part of the Credentials; having one on one coaching and different pieces of training with former Credential candidates helped me bring different ideas into my program and also share the ideas I already incorporate in my program.

- Niurkalis Rosario

"I got so much out of the Credential process. The classes helped me to look at so many things differently including my program and my staff. I grew as a professional. For many people, the process helps to transform struggling programs. In my case, it was different because I was blessed to inherit a program that was already fantastic; however, with DOC's support, I was able to make meaningful improvements. If you are considering obtaining your credential and are wondering if you should, the answer is - Absolutely do it."

- Lisa Sapachino

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