NYS School Age Credential for Aspiring Leaders

Program Overview

The NYS SAC Credential for Aspiring Leaders that are interested in moving up in the afterschool field!

The NYS SAC Credential is for youth workers who are interested in becoming directors or coordinators of after-school programs. The Credential will prepare you to step into a supervisory position in the after school field within 12 to 18 months. You will be engaged in activities that promote your leadership development to fulfill your personal goals, and at the same time, move your career in youth development forward.

What is NYS SAC Credential?

The number of children in school-age programs has multiplied in recent years. Families place great trust in the staff of these programs, for it is the daily performance of the staff member or provider that determines the quality of the children’s before and after school experience. The New York State School-Age Care Credential Competency Standards support quality afterschool programs for school-age children by providing standards for training, evaluation, and recognition of staff members and providers based on their ability to meet the unique needs of this age group.

The New York State School-Age Care Credential has been developed to promote quality services to children and families by providing specific standards, training, and evaluation of school-age staff members and providers. It is an opportunity for adults working with school-age children to gain professional recognition for demonstrating competence in their on-the-job skills. (New York Network for Youth Success Credential Manual 2018)

How Can it Benefit You as an After-School Staff?

Applying for the New York State School-Age Care Credential is a big commitment. However, working towards the credential can be a rewarding experience. It offers individuals the opportunity to:

  • Evaluate their own work in relation to New York State School-Age Care Competency Standards.
  • Get feedback and support from people who have experience working with school-age children and knowledge about school-age services.
  • Improve his/her skills in ways that are satisfying for themselves and beneficial for children.
  • Earn a professional Credential that is recognized throughout New York State and beyond!


How can it Benefit a Youth Organization?

Youth organization can strategize in building their workforce from the bottom up.  Today, the New York City of Department of Health is focusing on making sure that every after-school program is operating with a director that has the appropriate qualifications, either 18 educational college credits or the NYS School-age Credential.  Intentionally creating a succession plan for development your staff to be leaders of you programs will increase retention, and sustainability in your after-school sites.


Financial Support

What is the Educational Incentive Program?

The Educational Incentive Program (EIP) is a scholarship program which helps providers pay for training and educational activities with the intent to build provider knowledge, skills and competencies and improve the quality of childcare. To be eligible for EIP, childcare providers must be required to take training and must be caring for children in a program regulated by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (NYS OCFS) or the New York City Department of Health (NYC DOH)

For more information and to fill out the online application:

To determine your Eligibility for EIP Scholarship click here:

Product Cost

The NYS School-Age Care Credential Prep Course for Aspiring Leader is in two parts for 36 hours each. It would take 12 -15 months to complete.  The cost is $1250 for part I and $1250 for Part II.

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1. Portfolio Development

With 2-hour video conferences each month, and comprehensive personal support, this program offers users full-on assistance in their independent study: enabling them to develop their portfolio and prepare for their Endorsement visit from the New York State Network for Youth Success.

2. Advisor and Site Visits

Following 50% successful completion of the course, we provide you with an advisor at no additional cost. The advisor will then work intensively to support you as you prepare for your Endorser Visit.

3. Strengthen Your Knowledge Regarding the Core Competencies

With training based in the New York State School-Age Care Competency Standards, you can immediately apply what you've learned to your job.

4. Learn from the Best

Throughout the course of your time with us, you will learn from experienced specialists while also receiving regular support and feedback from veterans in the field.

5. Get a Professional Credential

Participants who have obtained their School Age Care Credential are recognized throughout the state of New York for providing high quality programming and services to children and families through the adherence to specific standards, training and evaluation.

Dignity of Children is amazing. They are an amazing support system. This great experience changed the way I see my job performance. Their training and coaching sessions with Sonia and her team was awesome. That was the best part of the Credentials; having one on one coaching and different pieces of training with former Credential candidates helped me bring different ideas into my program and also share the ideas I already incorporate in my program.

- Niurkalis Rosario

"I got so much out of the Credential process. The classes helped me to look at so many things differently including my program and my staff. I grew as a professional. For many people, the process helps to transform struggling programs. In my case, it was different because I was blessed to inherit a program that was already fantastic; however, with DOC's support, I was able to make meaningful improvements. If you are considering obtaining your credential and are wondering if you should, the answer is - Absolutely do it."

- Lisa Sapachino

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