Ideas Empowered

By Youth


Four Ready-to-Use Project-Based Learning Modules for Online or In-Person Programming

Project-based learning (PBL) puts young people in charge of their learning experience. By guiding students to explore topics that matter to them, PBL fosters engagement, deepens learning, and empowers students to become problem solvers.

Ideas Empowered by Youth provides four ready-to-use PBL modules that will spark curiosity and learning in any young person. Designed for after-school programs, schoolteachers, and parents home-schooling their children, Ideas invites students to cultivate critical thinking skills and develop creative solutions to community problems. This PBL model is excellent for 4th grade and up!

Each module includes:

  • A complete eight-week curriculum.
  • Guidance to create impactful culminating events that give youth opportunities to share their ideas in their communities and beyond.
  • Professional training to deliver the program online and in person.

Dignity of Children provides technical support that enables all Ideas youth teams to participate in combined culminating events—giving students an even broader platform upon which to share their creative ideas and solutions.

Ideas offers a perfect programming option for students staying home due to school closures.

Convenient Online Training

Dignity of Children provides Ideas training online via Zoom, an easy-to-use video conference.

Training involves:

  • Two-day training for Train-the-Trainer series in delivering project-based learning framework and review of Climate Change curriculum.
  • Two-day Training for groups series in delivering project-based learning framework and review of Climate Change curriculum.
  • Exciting, experiential sessions that fully engage facilitators in the content—so you can bring your enthusiasm to your youth!

Training includes instruction about how to effectively use a safe online platform to create outstanding experiences for youth.

Module 1: Health and Wellness

Creating Peer Ambassadors

This module invites students to investigate topics that range from chronic illness to infectious disease, to underlying drivers of poor community health. Students will define what wellness means to them and create a vision for wellness in their community. Students will focus their inquiry on a problem or topic of their choice and develop a creative solution or response.

Dignity of Children’s forthcoming Health and Wellness YouTube Channel will provide a forum for students to share their ideas with their peers and the larger world.

Module 2: Climate Change

Finding Local Solutions to Global Challenges

From plastic in the oceans to one-use plastic bags, from rising seas to burning forests, from species decline to CO2 emissions—this module will engage students in one of the most pressing issues of our time. Students will narrow their inquiry to one problem and present a creative solution in response to their community’s needs.

Students participating in the spring 2020 cohort have the option to create a video public service announcement through social media and to present an idea to reduce their neighborhood’s carbon footprint to their local council person.

Module 3: Entrepreneurship

Developing Innovative Businesses and Services

This module will enable after-school staff, teachers, and home-schooling parents to replicate Dignity of Children’s successful entrepreneurship program funded by the New York City Department of Youth and Community Development, Young Sharks. Students learn the basics of business and entrepreneurship, research and develop a business or service concept, and present their concept to a business professional or investor.

Module 4: Financial Wellness

Instilling Good Habits and a Mindset for Success

What is a prosperity mindset? What are the habits of wealthy people? How can you create abundance now and in your future?

These are just some of the questions students in Financial Wellness will consider. Tying together financial literacy, career goals and aspirations, and savings habits, this module will help young people develop a positive relationship with money and adopt a mindset for success. Service-oriented projects will invite students to demonstrate generosity to people in need in their communities. Coming soon.

Product Cost


IDEAS: Empowered by Youth PBL curriculum, a train-the-trainer model for the youth practitioner includes:

  • PBL framework on Prezi Presentation, an interactive tool to use with youth during 8-week program.
  • Instructor’s guide to prepare for PBL sessions with tools and facilitation strategies.

DOC’s Team will arrange authentic culminating events with a greater audience for each module: 

  • Launch Health and Wellness YouTube Channel (Health and Wellness)
  • PSA social media campaign (Climate Change)
  • Presentation of sustainability proposal for their communities to a local councilperson and community leaders (Climate Change)
  • Financial Wellness Event (Stay tuned for summer programming)
  • Entrepreneurship Event (Stay tuned for summer programming)


  • The Train-the-Trainer session will be 10 hours of training, includes the Climate Change curriculum ($1095)
  • Wednesday, April 29th and Thursday, April 30th; 9am-2pm
  • Group rate for up to 30 people: $3800 (includes Climate Change curriculum)
  • Additional curriculums will be $500.
  • Technical Support available to staff for trouble shooting through Microsoft Teams Channel.

For more information, please contact Dignity of Children at (646) 639-7711.