Education And Child Development Program

This is a comprehensive skill and experience-building program for youth aged 17 to 24. The program contains step-by-step guidelines on how to become a youth development professional and how to advance in the field.

Created in partnership with the Stanley M. Isaacs Neighborhood Center in NYC, the Education and Child Development Program has designed a successful and attainable career path for youngsters looking to enter the Youth Development field.

How the Program Works

Participants will:

  • Attend workshop sessions focused around the fundamental prerequisites of youth development work.
  • Build child development and program designing skills via 45 hours worth of training.
  • Attend a six-week (paid) internship program at an after-school program or child care center
  • Obtain a job placement with an early childhood or after-school program. You will have to successfully complete a four-month probationary period.
  • Have the chance to obtain the New York State School-Age Care (SAC) Credential within the first two years of your job placement.

For a detailed look into what we offer or learn how to become a partner organization, get in touch with Noel Mugaviri at (212) 360-7625 (x 224).


Stage I: Introduction to the Fundamentals of Child Care and Youth Development

This is a fifteen-hour training course where participants are taught how to design a safe and invigorating learning space and environment for both the children and the youth. The module focuses on nine essential subject areas defined in the NYS Office of Children and Family Service’s school-age care regulations and policies for youth professionals.

Stage II: Training and Paid Internship

The young trainees will then proceed to completing sixteen hours of in-depth and intense classroom training. This is where they will learn hand-on techniques to how they can positively engage and interact with several children, organize and manage group sessions and design lead group activities with the kids. Participants will be required to complete a 60-hour internship programs (paid).

Stage III: Job Placement

After the successful completion of the 60-hour internship, the youth trainees will proceed to appear for professional designation at partner organizations. After they are hired, they will have to serve a 4-month probationary period, in the course of the first four months, they will be accompanied by a mentor who will be responsible for showing them the ropes and act as support and performance tracker.

Stage IV: NYS School-Age Care (SAC) Credential

Participants will be able to opt to continue their professional development through the NYS School Age Care (SAC) Preparation and Advisory Program. This is a crucial aspect of getting an accreditation certified and authenticated by the New York State Network for Youth Success.

The SAC program consists of professional learning and youth development curriculum – as well as learning on-the-job strategies and developmental understanding while finishing a profile and resource file.

The process will take twelve to eighteen months to complete – and the core focus of the program will be on knowledge acquisition and skill development and demonstration

If you wish to seek more information or want to refer an aspiring young adult, don’t hesitate to email Noel Mugaviri at or you can call at (212) 360-7625 (x 224).