Dignity of Children is offering a free series that aims to provide valuable insight and a modern approach towards keeping our children happy and healthy.

Dignity of Children is Proud to Present: Parent Summit

In these challenging times, it has become exceedingly difficult for parents to meet the demands of school, work, and home-life. As a result, Dignity of Children is offering a free three-part course series that aims to provide valuable insight and a modern approach towards keeping our children happy and healthy, both intellectually and emotionally.


The courses are as follows:


Tuesday, May 19: Meeting the Social & Emotional Needs of Children and Youth


This session will offer parents an understanding of their their children’s social and emotional needs, and teach them skills to cope during these difficult times.


Wednesday, May 20: Real Talk! Developing Emotional Intelligence for Our Kids’ Sake


Through conversation with others, we develop our capacity to understand the world and find purpose. This workshop will explore how we can create a learning culture at home, in which children learn to communicate and develop their emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills. We will introduce techniques to keep children in communication about world issues and things that matter to them most. Our intention is to instill a sense self-worth, and build communication and literacy skills.


Thursday, May 21: Homework Help


This session will discuss creative ways in which we can encourage our children to explore their interests organically, based on theories of Self-Directed Education that allow children to engage in self-chosen activities rooted in their natural curiosities.


These classes are two hours each, from 7 PM to 9 PM. They will take place online via Zoom, an online conferencing platform. To register for one or more days of this free series, please click on the link below.



We look forward to building a community of learning for both parents and children alike, and we hope to see you there!


At Dignity of Children, we hold the health and safety of all in the highest regard. With that said, we are now transitioning all of our programming to an online platform while the world navigates through the current COVID-19 pandemic.

While kids are at home, we remind parents that it is important to keep your children stimulated on an emotional, physical and cognitive basis. Over the coming days and weeks, we will be posting mindful activities on our social media pages to help kids continue to learn while also being able to express their feelings. Remember to create a daily routine for your children that will help them remain excited and engaged!

Additionally, we want to encourage educators and afterschool staff members to take advantage of our online programs for professional development. For questions about DOC programming, call us at (646) 639-7711.

Please remember to take care of yourselves, wash your hands, be safe and stay healthy!

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