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Direct service staff

NEW: Trauma Informed Care Workshop

This workshop will explore the nature and the impact of trauma. Staff will not only identify the paths to recovery from traumatic life experiences, but also learn to recognize the signs and the symptoms of trauma in themselves and others within an organization, which will help prevent stressful experiences causing trauma at work. Everyone taking part in this training will leave feeling confident about integrating trauma-informed knowledge into policies, procedures, and practices, and will have the tools to maintain their newly established resilience to trauma.

About Development with Dignity

A well-trained staff is productive, has greater job satisfaction, and a higher retention rate. That, in turn, saves you a ton of time and money and keeps practically everyone satisfied. Dignity of Children’s professional development training sessions equip your staff with the confidence and knowledge necessary to do their job properly. Choose from trainings that offer a concrete foundation, or which teach your staff project-based learning skills. In either case, Dignity of Children is committed to the well-being and success of your staff.

“As always the trainings with Dignity of Children Inc are amazing and trainers are on point with all the needed information.” Caprice Saul, Bronx House

“Super helpful and informative. The Dignity of Children staff knew how to give the information in a way that kept everyone engaged, and the way the information was delivered helped me see the areas I have to work on and improve. I’m thankful for the guidance and for the time that was taken to inform, guide, and educate me.’’ Anaisa Villanueva, Riseboro

Development with DignityTm

Development with Dignity offers program specialists and youth workers the fundamental skills needed to effectively work with K-12 students in an after-school program setting. Development with Dignity trainings satisfy the annual New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) training requirements.

The program involves a series of workshops that are designed to provide direct service staff with the skills and information needed to create an engaging, fun and safe learning environment for school-age children. Depending upon your needs, you can choose a training package of 15 or 30 hours to satisfy all the OCFS SACC Regulation topics.

The 12 workshops offered through Development with Dignity will allow your staff the ability to properly understand the developmental needs of children, and at the same time help in building children's self-confidence. Taught using research based adult learning approaches that include team work and collaboration, we inspire your staff to deliver content in the classroom that will support 21st Century learning skills. During registration, you have the option to choose between a 15 or 30-hour package.

Workshop Topics

Creating a Viable Code of Conduct

Staff will learn how to create an environment that is beneficial to the health & safety of children. This session will focus on the creation of safe spaces, professional boundaries, physical affection and staff conduct with members, etc. Covers OCFS topics 2, 4, 5 & 7.

Child Abuse Identification & Reporting

Staff will gain an understanding of how to identify all areas of child abuse and will learn proper child abuse reporting protocol. This workshop also covers shaken baby syndrome prevention. Covers NYS OCFS topics 6 & 8.

OCFS Regulations /Safety, Health & Wellness

This workshop will focus on creating an environment that encourages children's nutrition and health and guarantees their safety. Participants will learn OCFS regulations as well as their role in maintaining your program's school-age child care permit. Covers OCFS topics 2, 4, 5, & 7

Classroom Management with Coaching & Guiding Children’s Behavior

This workshop will assist staff in learning how to create a classroom environment where children are cooperative and engaged. It teaches strategies on managing children without subjecting them to harsh punishments, threats, and time-outs. Covers OCFS topics 1 & 3.

Project-Based Planning (Curriculum Development)

This workshop will focus on project-based learning as designed by the Buck Institute for Education. Seen as the Gold standard in project-based learning, this research-based model will assist staff in delivering long-term project-based learning in an engaging and fun way. Participants will learn the art of developing strong goals and focus on strengthening skills that encourage learning. Covers OCFS topics 1, 3, & 5.

Meeting the Developmental Needs of Children and Youth

This session will offer staff an understanding of the 4 developmental needs of children: physical, social, cognitive, and emotional. Covers OCFS topics 1 & 3.

Partnership with Parents

This session teaches staff the art of creating a comforting and welcoming environment that is fit for parents. Staff will learn how to work with families to support the development of children who are in the program. Covers OCFS topic 4.

Darkness to Light: Stewards of Children

Dignity of Children supports Darkness to Light's Stewards of Children curriculum, which is an evidence-informed child sexual abuse prevention training. In this training, your staff will learn how to identify, prevent and handle reported instances of child sexual abuse. In addition, they will also learn about New York's child abuse identification and reporting law. Covers OCFS topics 6 & 8.

Teaching Children Responsibility

This workshop will focus on teaching children how to make responsible and well-informed decisions, and that their actions have consequences. Covers OCFS topics 1 & 3.

Team Building Strategies

This session will focus on offering your staff the right tools to reinforce teamwork at all levels including staff and participants. Covers OCFS topics 1 & 3.

Creative Inspiration for Young People

This session will empower staff to design environments that support children’s creative niche (i.e.; singing, writing, photography, drawing, acting, etc.) Participants will walk away with a clear understanding of how to use a creative process to develop a curriculum that meets the developmental needs of their children. Covers OCFS topics 1 & 3.

Building Your Classroom Facilitation Skills

This workshop will focus on teaching your staff the art of designing an after-school classroom environment that maintains children's engagement at all levels in small or large group settings. Staff will build their bag of tricks to maintain sanity and keep your participants engaged. Covers OCFS topics 1 & 3.

Real Talk! Developing Emotional Intelligence for our Kids Sake

Through conversation with others, we get to develop our capacity to understand the world and develop our self-worth and purpose in life. This workshop will explore how we can create a learning culture in our classroom, where children and youth learn how to be in communication with others to develop their emotional intelligence and their critical thinking skills. We will introduce techniques to keep children and youth in communication about world issues and things that matter to them most. Our intention is to build children and youth sense self-worth, communication skills and literacy skills. Covers OCFS topics 1 & 3.

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