Creating a Learning Culture-Quality After-School Program in NYC

Creating a learning culture among your staff is crucial for the growth and stability of your quality after-school program in NYC. With a learning culture, you can encourage progressive learning. You can also develop beliefs with your staff that systems can impact each other. The constant process of learning elevates the status of the employee as an individual and opens up a door of new opportunities for the program to evolve continuously.

Arranging a training workshop is not the only way to foster a learning culture among them. You need a robust and systematic approach integrated into your quality program to create a system where your staff constantly learn and grow their skill sets.

Tips for Creating a Learning Culture in Your Quality After-school Program in NYC.

  1. 1. The initial step in creating a learning culture starts with the leaders in your program. Since they are the ones who are to support and reinforce learning and training programs, they should have a supportive attitude toward developing a learning environment for your children and staff.  Some of the impactful tips that can help you create a learning culture in your quality after-school program in NYC are as follows:

2. Make professional development and training programs a normal routine: In order to ingrain the learning culture among your staff, you should make learning a part of the culture. Otherwise, they might not take professional development seriously and apply the knowledge they are learning into practice.

3. Give value to your staff’s voice: Ask for suggestions from your staff members about which skills or concepts they are interested in learning to improve their work performance. This will enable them to reflect on their weaknesses and increase their interest in continuously improve their work with Children and youth

4. Recognize their learning: Give your staff an incentive to step into a leadership role after successfully completing the training program and implementing their newly learned skills.

5. Ask for feedback: Conduct polls or ask for feedback on the completion of a training workshop or after school programs to evaluate the effectiveness of these learning programs.


Encourage cross training or peer-to-peer learning: You should encourage those who have already received training to train other staff members who have not attended the training to encourage teaching and learn the culture. Offer them incentives to train others to develop their interest. Such type of learning develops healthy interactions among staff members.


Create opportunities to exhibit creative skills: Arrange such workshops and quality after-school training programs that encourage the attendees to exhibit their creative skills. Encourage ideas and give them activities where creative thinking is required.


Make the resources accessible: To empower your staff to learn, make learning resources readily available and accessible. For this, you can develop an archive and ensure you give access and education on how to use it to every member of your staff.

By you demonstrating how a learning culture feels through your actions and structures to your staff, your staff will do the same with their children.  You should encourage learning through engagement and fun activities in the quality after-school program in NYC and everyone will grow and feel valued in your community.


By Sonia Toledo, CEO of Dignity of Children


At Dignity of Children, we hold the health and safety of all in the highest regard. With that said, we are now transitioning all of our programming to an online platform while the world navigates through the current COVID-19 pandemic.

While kids are at home, we remind parents that it is important to keep your children stimulated on an emotional, physical and cognitive basis. Over the coming days and weeks, we will be posting mindful activities on our social media pages to help kids continue to learn while also being able to express their feelings. Remember to create a daily routine for your children that will help them remain excited and engaged!

Additionally, we want to encourage educators and afterschool staff members to take advantage of our online programs for professional development. For questions about DOC programming, call us at (646) 639-7711.

Please remember to take care of yourselves, wash your hands, be safe and stay healthy!

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