Child Safety Ambassadors Project

A train-the-trainer approach to preventing child sexual abuse in New York City

The Problem

Child sexual abuse has long been kept a dark secret, but it is, unfortunately, alarmingly common. Researchers estimate that 1 in 10 children will experience sexual abuse by age 18.

Currently, youth professionals who work in New York City after-school programs typically receive just a once-yearly mandated reporter training, required by the NYS Office of Children and Family Services. These staff members, most of whom are young themselves—ages 18-32—need more education and support to equip them to spot the signs of child sexual abuse, respond appropriately when abuse is suspected, and establish policies specific to their programs to prevent abuse from ever taking place.


Darkness to Light

As a certified trainer for Darkness to Light’s evidence-informed Stewards of Children® sexual abuse prevention curriculum, Dignity of Children plans to train 125 directors and youth development professionals to become certified trainers.

These 125 professionals will have the capacity to train 20 direct-service program managers each. This will bring Stewards of Children to 2,500 programs that serve 25,000 students throughout New York City. These trainings will also invite parents so they can learn how to better protect their child as well.

​We are currently developing partnerships with nonprofit organizations to serve as hosts and fiscal sponsors.

Join the movement and become a partner in building safer environments for our children by training the after-school workforce in New York City.

Email us at or call 646 929-7711 for more information.