Project Based Learning

Project-Based Learning - Education Through Authenticity

Project-Based Learning: Education Through Authenticity

True project-based learning (PBL) works because it engages students in solving real-world problems that matter to them.

Students Lead on Climate Change

For this Earth Day, young people at MMCC have produced an amazing collection of public service announcements about climate change.

Helping Young People Develop Inquiry Skills

Helping Young People Develop Inquiry Skills

When students explore topics that excite them, all kinds of learning takes place. This process of inquiry forms the heart of project-based learning.

Words of Wisdom for Future Entrepreneurs

Our Online Trainings – Turn Down Time into Productive Time

With schools closed due to COVID-19, enterprising after-school professionals are exploring ways to provide programming online.

Words of Wisdom for Future Entrepreneurs

Words of Wisdom for Future Entrepreneurs

21st century skills develop in children the capacity to have fulfilling lives and careers. To care about the world and the people around them.

Shreyas Navare

Creating Social Entrepreneurs Through Creativity

Making the connection between creativity and social consciousness is easy when you think about the fact that creativity is one of the 4 C’s of 21st century skills.

Health Paths Through PBL

Helping Children Chart Their Own Health Paths Through PBL

Children receive a lot of instruction when it comes to their health: from family members and caregivers, from school, from the government. The information children receive about how to take care of their health is ever-changing and often conflicting.

Young Sharks

Young Sharks: Creating the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

The Young Sharks curriculum introduced the entrepreneurial mindset to youth using, as an example, local hero and successful entrepreneur Jessica O. Matthews, Founder and CEO of Uncharted Play.

Making Real World Connections for Your Students – Project based Learning

There are so many issues facing young people today.  From poverty to climate change it will take creative problem solving to come up with viable solutions in the next millennium.  To prepare students for this type of challenge requires innovative, cutting edge pedagogy designed to encourage critical thinking while teaching life skills.    Project Based Learning […]


At Dignity of Children, we hold the health and safety of all in the highest regard. With that said, we are now transitioning all of our programming to an online platform while the world navigates through the current COVID-19 pandemic.

While kids are at home, we remind parents that it is important to keep your children stimulated on an emotional, physical and cognitive basis. Over the coming days and weeks, we will be posting mindful activities on our social media pages to help kids continue to learn while also being able to express their feelings. Remember to create a daily routine for your children that will help them remain excited and engaged!

Additionally, we want to encourage educators and afterschool staff members to take advantage of our online programs for professional development. For questions about DOC programming, call us at (646) 639-7711.

Please remember to take care of yourselves, wash your hands, be safe and stay healthy!

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